Richmond Rod & Gun Show

April 4th and 5th, 2020

Richmond Arena

6095 Perth Street, Richmond 




Option 1) Application Form:



Option 2) Mail / Email with this Vendor Information:



Richmond Rod & Gun Show

April 4th and 5th, 2020

Richmond Arena


Vendor Information:

Contact Name: ______________________ Phone Number: _________________

Address: ___________________________ Email: ________________________

City/Town: _________________________ Fax: __________________________

Province: ___________________________Postal Code: ____________________



Registration Fees:       Tables are 8ft.   Cost is $50.00/table + 13% HST

                               Vehicle Fees: $150/vehicle on display + 13% HST


Registration Information:

Number of tables required: _____________ x $50        = _________________

Number of display vehicles: ___________  x $150       = __________________

HST @ 13%                                                              = __________________

Total                                                                        = __________________

Payment method: Cash ________ E-Transfer: __________ Cheque _________



Payment Terms: Tables are filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Completed application and first payment of 50% MUST be received to confirm space.  Remaining payment is due by February 1st, 2020 or Valley Outdoor Promotions reserves the right to sell the table space to another vendor and no refund will be given. All spots must be paid in full at time of booking after February 1st, 2020.  Cheques can be made payable Valley Outdoor Promotions Inc. E-transfers can be sent to

Completion of this application includes that you have read and agree to comply with the vendor agreement and understand that any rules and regulations that are not followed will result in termination of your right to exhibit at the show.



Products to be displayed/sold: __________________________________________________________








Completed forms can be sent to:


Valley Outdoors Promotions Inc.

Phone: (613)257-7489   or (613)293-0143    Email:

1918 Ninth Line RR#2, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P2



CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT: ( Spring – Richmond)

  1. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by all the regulations and rules adopted by Richmond Rod & Gun Show (RRGS) Management in the best interest of the Show, and agrees that Management shall have the final decision in adopting any rule or regulation deemed necessary prior to, during and after the Show.
  2. The Exhibitor will be liable for and will indemnify and hold harmless Management from any loss or damages whatsoever as a result of any person or company including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Exhibitor, other Exhibitors, Management, the owner of the property and their respective agents, servants and employees and members of the public attending the Show, either on the said space or elsewhere if said loss or damages arose or were in any way connected with the Exhibitor’s occupancy of said space.
  3. The contract may be broken by either party provided written notice is received by the other at least 60 days prior to the first day of the Show in which case all monies paid by the Exhibitor will be refunded.  If the Exhibitor cancels within 40 days before the Show, he will be liable for 50% of the total cost contracted space cost, plus applicable taxes.  If the Exhibitor cancels within 30 days prior to the Show, he will be liable for $100% of the total contracted space, plus applicable taxes.  In the event Richmond Rod & Gun Show is cancelled for any reason, the Exhibitor waives any and all damages and claims for damages, and agrees that the sole liability of RRGS shall be to return to each Exhibitor his space sale payment plus taxes. By cancelling this contract the Exhibitor forfeits all rights or claims to the allocated space and Management is free to rent it to others and collect the cancellation charge as liquidation damages.
  4. Space contracted by the Exhibitor may not be sublet without the prior written permission of Richmond Rod & Gun Show Management.
  5. The Management reserves the right to alter or change the space assigned to the Exhibitor.
  6. The Management reserves the right at any time to alter or remove exhibits or any part thereof, including printed material, products, signs, lights or sound, and to expel exhibitors or their personnel if, in Management’s opinion, their conduct or presentation is objectionable to other Show participants.
  7. The Exhibitor agrees to confine the presentation within the contracted space only and within the Show rules and regulations and to maintain a staff member in the Exhibitor’s booth space at all times.  The Exhibitor further agrees to place display/exhibit so line of sight is maintained for neighbouring exhibit.
  8. The Exhibitor assumes the risk of exhibiting and should any exhibit or part thereof or any property in connection therewith be injured, lost, stolen, damaged, from any cause whatsoever before, during the Show period or after the Show closing.  Management is not liable therefore in any matter whatsoever.
  9. The exhibitor agrees that no display may be dismantled or goods removed during the entire run of the Show but must remain intact until the closing hour of the last day of the Show except those items purchased by attendee of the Show. The Exhibitor also agrees to remove his exhibit, equipment and appurtenances from the Show site by final move-out time limit, or in event of failure to do so, the Exhibitor agrees to pay for such additional costs as may be incurred.
  10. The Management reserves the right to cancel this contract and withhold possession of exhibit space if the Exhibitor fails to perform any material condition of this contract or refuses to abide by the Show rules and regulations, in which case the Exhibitor shall forfeit as liquidation damages and space rental payments made by the Exhibitor and any further occupancy of such space.
  11. The Exhibitor agrees to observe agreements between Show Management, and any official contractors serving companies on the Show site according to the labour of the jurisdiction in which the RRGS site is located.
  12. Only two (2) passes will be given for each registration up to 4 tables.  Extra passes are available if booked at the time of registration to a maximum of five (5) passes. 
  13. Smoking is NOT permitted in any of the buildings.
  14. Show Set – UP: Set up can begin the Friday before the show, opening after 2 pm until 8pm.  There will be NO VEHICLES allowed into the Arena unless they are display vehicles. Show hours are Saturday 8am-4pm; Sunday 9am-2pm.
  15. Show Move Out: All equipment and related exhibit items are to be removed from the Show Arena and grounds immediately following the Show and must be cleared by 5pm on the night of closing.  A daily fee will be charged for any exhibit items remaining after that date unless agreed upon with Management Show staff.
  16. Exhibitor Site Clean Up: Valley Outdoor Promotions has initiated a “site clean up fee”.  Any vendor site requiring clean up of garbage, boxes, stones, wood, plastic wrap etc. will be subject to this fee.